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CopThink podcast explores current issues in policing and focuses on the question, “Why do police do what they do?” In each episode, host Brian Casey interviews a variety of guests from the law enforcement community and other walks of life. He and his guests discuss how cops think on (and off) the job.

Brian Casey is a police sergeant and director of an Employee Assistance Program at Saint Paul Police Department. He is author of the book Good Cop, Good Cop and a regular public speaker and wellness trainer.


CopThink Episode 5: Yileng Vang on Lawn Care, Squirrel Hunting and Body-Worn Cameras

October 23, 2019 ▪︎ run time 54:29

Vang and Casey discuss the benefits of hobbies and outside interests for police officers. Vang describes his interest in lawn care and squirrel hunting. Vang and Casey consider the impact of body-worn cameras on officer camaraderie.


CopThink Episode 4: Chad Malmberg Compares his Police and Military Experience

October 4, 2019 ▪︎ run time 51:02

Chad Malmberg explores the similarities and differences of his police and military experience. He recounts the events that led to him receiving the Silver Star Medal.  Malmberg describes the commonality of sacrifice, courage and discipline that both the military and police life require.


CopThink Episode 3: Chris Caulkins on Suicide Prevention Part 2

september 19, 2019 ▪︎ run time 1:02

Caulkins continues his discussion with Casey about suicide prevention, warning signs and protective factors. Chris models how to talk to someone you suspect is contemplating suicide.


CopThink Episode 2: Chris Caulkins on Suicide Prevention Part 1

september 6, 2019 ▪︎ run time 56:48

Chris Caulkins discusses facts and statistics about suicide and first-responders. He also talks about suicide risk factors and myths with host Brian Casey.


CopThink Episode 1: Matt Flynn Talks about Recovery

August 5, 2019 ▪︎ run time 1:04:20

Listen to Brian Casey’s interview with Matt Flynn about his recovery journey to sobriety and his life in recovery as a police officer. Matt shares the struggles he has overcome and the rewards of sobriety.